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Doan's Breezy Hill Farm

Our Farm Story

Raising Angus beef cattle since 2001

The farm was a dairy farm using holsteins up to 2005 when the dairy cows were sold. It has been in the family for over 60 years. I bought the main part of the farm in 2007 from my aunt and uncle after the estate was settled. I lease the remaining land from them as well as my parents adjoining farm. After having a small handful of beef steers and cows with my brother, I then began to scale up my beef operation. We now average around 50 brood cows most of the time. Plus butcher steers, replacement heifers, etc. We run some registered angus, but mostly grade angus. We use good bloodline registered bulls with all of the cows, and I also AI most of the cows through Select Sires bulls. I am a member of the American Angus Association, as well as BQA certified in 3 areas. Cow-Calf (been certified for about 20 years), Backgrounding, and Trucking.  I have taken many online classes/webinars through various sources including Penn State. 

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